a 3 minute read – By Dr. Christopher Lepisto

When I share health information, I try to use my personal as well as clinical experience to help you find solutions. When it comes to osteoarthritis, aka arthritis, I definitely feel your pain. These days I have a bad first big toe. I have significant joint space narrowing and inflammation, resulting in the common experience of grinding, pain and joint deformation as the body attempts to heal over time. As for many, this is a long-standing issue and I am needing to address it with a comprehensive approach.

One of the first things I had done after diagnosis was to get my orthotics updated. They were high-quality and had lasted for almost two decades, but eventually even they needed a tune-up to accommodate my body’s current needs. I even had one pair of them customized to fit my skate ski boot.

I am also starting appropriate strength and flexibility training. In its wisdom as our bodies compensate for injuries, we can establish habits that need reprogramming. This is especially true of joint injuries in adolescence or childhood, which put us at a 3-fold increase of osteoarthritis by the age of 65.

Besides helping people with a tailored hydration and nutrition program, I have found that glucosamine or chondroitin sulfate can be extremely helpful, along with other considerations. In my experience, supplements are most effective when part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

I have a warning on the daily use of ibuprofen. While this is far and away the most common pain-reliever in the US, one study estimates that it is responsible for 107,000 hospitilizations and 15,600 deaths every year. It is far safer to identify and treat the cause of your osteoarthritis, rather than to try to find a daily dose of “Vitamin I” to manage your pain.

Finally, there is a place for the use of medical cannabis in chronic pain. In my clinical experience, marijuana is much more effective than CBD for this purpose. I can help you with dosing and a proper method of delivery.

Don’t wait until your aches and pains have derailed your life. Call me today, I’ll get you started on an effective treatment plan and get you back to enjoying these beautiful Colorado winters.

Dr. Lepisto