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Naturopathic Medicine For

Better Health

How we work

Solution-Focused Medicine

It takes a series of dedicated visits and a steady approach to identify and remove the obstacles that are keeping you from greater vitality.

When you commit to your recovery, I will help you find a starting point to build lasting health.

Skeptical? Good. This brings out the best doctor in me. My skillset and toolbox contain many natural methods for your recovery. Give me a call, let’s talk in an initial complimentary consultation about how I can be your advocate and guide on the road to feeling better.

Care Options

First Visit

$250/ session
1½ hour Appointment
Medical Review
Personalized Treatment Plan

New Patient

$600/ package
Initial Visit +
Two Follow-up Appointments
Medical Exam and Assessment
Reporting and Analysis
Personalized Treatment Plan
Adaptation and Follow-up

Vitality Sessions

$200/ hour
Progress Appointments
Adaptation and Enhancement
Address Foundational Causes
Customize Treatment Plan


"First visit was impressive. It was like he already knew what my problem was and tackled it, then and there, with prescribed diet changes and natural medicines to clean my body and start the process of repairing my body. I have greatly improved, and with each visit, he will diagnose and tweek my treatment plans and natural medicines. Dr. Lepisto is conscientious and very knowledgeable, and this has led me to getting on the road to recovery. I can see hope in my future."
"Dr. Lepisto listened carefully about the pain I am enduring in so many muscles in my body. Also, my problem getting restful sleep. I also have problems with depression. I am very impressed with Dr. Lepisto. He seemed genuinely interested in what the problems were and how to correct them. Didn't push me to take in an overflow of information at once. He is very informational. A very nice and helpful. And, I found him quite reasonably priced."
"Dr. Leptisto listened carefully to the concerns I had, asked several relevant questions, and worked with me to determine a good path forward to address those concerns. He suggested several supplements and dietary changes. A month later when I visited again, I was clearly progressing towards my health targets. We continue to work to monitor changes and progress, with my clear health goals now seemingly in reach."
"We felt Dr Lepisto gave us information and direction based on a quality exam, diagnostics and discussion. We're impressed with his knowledge, manner, professionalism and principal. We would recommend Dr Lepisto to any one, and with high marks."
"I needed help with energy level. He fixed it. Do yourself a favor and go see him the next time you don’t feel well. You won’t regret it."
"I am very happy with the outcome of my medical exam and the plan Dr. Lepisto outlined for me. I appreciate feeling like my concerns have been listened to and addressed, an unusual occurrence these days. Dr. Lepisto is a kind, caring doctor who provides common sense solutions and easy to follow instructions."
"Dr. Christopher is a great to work with. I have used him for years to focus on my nutritional and support needs...naturally. It is extremely helpful to have him on my side when I am trying to sift through all the fad and false info we are bombarded with daily. Overall, he's a great asset in my health and wellness challenges."
"After a discussion with Dr. Lepisto, he had me take a blood test to determine how I reacted to an array of food antigens. From the results, Dr. Lepisto made recommendations using natural supplements for me to take and dietary changes to my food intake. This approach worked and today I feel great. Along the way, Dr. Lepisto also helped me with my sleeping patterns and my anxiety levels. I greatly appreciate the help he gave me and I thank Dr. Lepisto."
"Having lost faith in traditional medical practices - as they often treat the symptoms with medications but seldom look at the underlying issues; I was looking for a doctor who would work with me to help me regain my health. Dr. Lepisto took the time to listen to me and my concerns about my health. He spent an hour a half with me on my first visit and sent me home with a treatment plan. I recommend Dr. Lepisto - to get healthy using natural remedies and products which help the body heal while addressing the underlying cause."
"We felt Dr. Lepisto gave us information and direction based on quality Q&A, exam, diagnostics, and discussion. We're impressed with his knowledge, manner, professionalism, and principles. We would recommend Dr. Lepisto to anyone, and with high marks. "
"I needed help with chronic sinus infections and possible surgery necessary. I've been seeking help for this condition for years, and with one visit, I feel Dr. Lepisto gave me hope that we will be able to, at the very least, reduce the number of infections but possibly eliminate them altogether."
"While allopathic doctors generally treat symptoms, a naturopath tends to be preventive in nature. They try and find the cause. I highly recommend Dr. Chris. Both my wife and myself – he’s our primary doctor. We go to him first."

Get Started

Dr. Lepisto would be pleased to speak with you personally to better understand your concerns, hear a bit about what’s going on, and see if naturopathic care is the right fit for your needs. Please share your contact details to schedule a one-on-one conversation with Dr. Lepisto.